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Mura-Drava confluence is the most beautiful part of Drava river, located in the on the Croatian-Hungarian border, near the village Legrad known by the name Halasz Csarda, magical area where the river is maze of sandbanks, islands, bayous, backwaters. While many dreams of distant wild rivers, few of them have experienced the magical touch of river Drava, known as “Croatian Amazon”.
Drava flourishes its course without the shackles of regulation, changing the image of the same place, even several times a day, taking over the role of eccentric artist.

Arrival at hotel Podravina in the afternoon, welcome drink upon arrival, special dinner with nettle

Breakfast, after breakfast (cca 10 a.m.) departure with bicycles in a direction Peteranec where Eurovelo 13 Iron Curtail Trail continues from Sigetec towards Hlebine
11 a.m. arrival to Hlebine cradle of naïve art, visit to the Gallery Generalić
13 p.m. we continue our journey in the direction Gabajeva Greda, 14 a.m. time for lunch (carp) on the coast of the river Drava with live music, after lunch – presentation of gold panning.
16 p.m. cycling to Molve where we will visit the church of Mary-s Assumption and old mill
17 p.m. cycling to Repaš, Gola, Gotoalovo towards Šoderica where we plan pause and fun with adrenaline park at sunset
19 a.m. return to the hotel  with bicycles where we will have dinner and afterwards we will watch promotional movie of Koprivnica – križevci County and  view the route for tomorrow

9 a.m. breakfast
9:30 a.m. cycling to Peterance where we will continue cycling to other side of Eurovelo 13 Iron Curtain Trail towards Legrad to Mura-Drava confluence, known as Halasc Csarda, where the celebration of St. Anna Day is held. Traditionally, for over 20 years, local border crossing between Croatia and Hungary is open over the river Drava. Thus, river Drava is becoming the link between two neighbors which were many years apart because of Iron Curtain Trail.  So on that day the people are crossing river Drava by boat form Croatian side to Hungarian side with ID card, what also you can do that day. On Croatian side party is organized with live music and gastronomic offer, specialties of that day are ox on the spit and carp. For our cyclist we have organized lunch (14 p.m.), and before lunch ride by river Drava with the rubber boat and Airsoft program in the nature.

Price: 125 €

In price included:

- accommodation for two nights with breakfast
- tax and insurance
- two lunch in nature
- two dinner
- live music in nature
- panning for gold
- guide

In price not included:
- rent a bike
(contact us for offer)

For almost half a century, Europe was forcibly divided into East and West by the "Iron Curtain", a border stretching from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea, in our area along river Drava. The European cycle track Iron Curtain Trail invites people to retrace and experience this important part of the continents history.
On the Croatian side of the border the route largely follows the course of the River Drava. Route from Gola to Donji Miholjac has a special emphasis on the remains
Of Iron Curtain Trail (watchtowers, bunkers...). This route of the Iron Curtain is included in the network of cycling routes EuroVelo 13. EuroVelo is a network of 14 long distance cycle routes connecting and uniting the whole European continent.  The routes can be used by cycle tourists as well as by local people making daily journeys. Eurovelo 13 is the longest route among them.

KOPRIVNICA - the City of Bicycles

Kilometers of city bike trails provide great opportunities for selecting routes that guarantee recreational ride. Oldtimer club "Biciklin" from Koprivnica organizes the event and their members ride bicycles older than 70 years. Bicycle trails in the city are well connected with the suburbs, and allow driving all day.
Among the young population very popular is urban cycling which practice their skills on polygons that are located near city center.
Forests Crna gora and Vinica are located close to the city; allow driving on forest roads and trails.
In the city center is placed first monument to cycling, and there is open air museum which also can be visited on two wheels, with replicas of bikes - from the first Leonardo da Vinci to the present model.
Drava and Bilodravska route
Eighty kilometers long lowland route curves along the river Drava, leaves breathless anyone who decides for such an adventure. The route passes through the most interesting settlements in Podravina, with numerous backwaters and canals, and is associated with an international bicycle route all the way to Austria. On Drava route attaches Bilodravska route that skips Bilogora and leads to greater Drava sister - River Sava.